Biographical Sketch of Joseph R. Vadus

	Joseph R. Vadus is President, Global Ocean Inc., consultants on:
	international coastal ocean space utilization; sustainable development
	of coastal projects and ocean resources; application of marine science
	and technology; and strategic planning and development of cooperative
	programs and partnerships with government, industry, and universities.
	He is affiliated with the University of Hawaii as Director of
	International Programs for the Center for Ocean Resource Technology.
	He is also affiliated with Compass Publications (SEA TECHNOLOGY magazine)
	as Consultant for International Programs. He is Vice President for
	Technical Activities Of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics
	Engineer/Oceanic Engineering Society. His address for these
	organizations is 8500 Timber Hill, Potomac, Maryland 20854 USA.
	Fax:(301) 983 4825; Tel: (301) 299 5477,and E-mail 

	Mr.Vadus was in U.S. Government service from 1972-1996 in the U.S.
	Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
	(NOAA). His last position was as a Senior Advisor in NOAA's National
	Ocean Service.

	He is Chairman Emeritus of the U.S. Panel on Marine Facilities in the
	U.S.-Japan Cooperative Program in Natural Resources. He served as U.S.
	Chairman for Marine Facilities/Marine Technology from 1980-1994 chairing
	10 bi-lateral meetings covering 500 technical papers and 200 facilities
	visits in the U.S. and Japan. He received awards for leadership from
	Japan in 1986 and 1994, and from the U.S. Department of State in 1992.
	In 1982, he received Japan's Nihon University Award for technical

	He also served as Chairman for Marine Technology in the U.S.- France
	Cooperative Program in Oceanography (1980-1996). He organized and led
	cooperative projects in marine technology projects,involving U.S. and
	French scientists and engineers. In 1985, one of his many projects
	involved joint U.S.-France evaluation of deep ocean search systems that
	resulted in  the spectacular discovery of the RMS TITANIC.

	AT NOAA, he has held management positions in the Office of Manned
	Undersea Science and Technology, Office of Coastal Environment, Office
	of Ocean Engineering, and the Ocean Energy Program Office.

	In the Manned Undersea Science and Technology Office, he  managed
	aquanaut diving and undersea living projects in the U.S., North Sea,
	Baltic Sea and Bahamas.

	>From 1979-1985 he directed the engineering ocean energy research and
	development program, including: wave and current energy, biomass energy
	and Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) and use of multiple
	by-products for aquaculture, ocean ranching, agriculture, air
	conditioning etc

	>From 1988-1991 he had a major role in establishing the Ocean Engineering
	Program at the National Science Foundation and served as Program
	Director and Advisor.

	Prior to NOAA, he has held managerial positions with Sperry Rand
	Corporation (now called UNISYS) in major ocean research and development
	programs. For example, he headed the development of the the entire
	electronics command and control operating system for the U.S. Navy /
	NR-1 (nuclear-powered deep submergence vehicle) capable of traveling
	along the seafloor for conducting surveys, scientific research and ocean
	engineering. He developed and patented the deep submergence radar (based
	on his master's thesis) for the US Navy's deepest diving submarine AGSS

	He has 10 patents (4 pending),including, computers, radar,and electronic
	systems. He is author of over 80 publications.

	Mr. Vadus has a B.S. degree in Electronic Engineering from Pennsylvania
	State University, and a M.S. degree in Ocean Engineering from Long
	Island University, where he then served as Adjunct Professor of Ocean
	Engineering in the Evening Graduate Division (1967-1972). At Sperry Rand
	he was a frequent lecturer on engineering management topics in the
	Sperry Rand Management Institute, 1969-1972.

	Mr.Vadus is a Senior Life Member of The Institute of Electrical and
	Electronic Engineers (IEEE). He received the IEEE Centennial Medal in
	1984. As Vice President, Technical Activities he serves on the executive
	committee of the IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society(OES), and, in 1985, he
	received the IEEE/OES Distinguished Service Medal. He also serves on the
	IEEE Engineering Research and Development Policy Committee.

	Mr. Vadus is a Fellow in the Marine Technology Society (MTS), where he
	served as Vice President for Technical Activities (1979-1989) overseeing
	four divisions and 32 professional committees, ranging from Coastal Zone
	Management to Marine Minerals to Ocean Energy. He received the MTS
	Special Commendation Award, and the prestigious Compass Distinguished
	Individual Achievement Award and Rolex watch in 1990.

	During the U.S. Bicentennial Celebration in 1976, he was General
	Chairman for the major OCEANS '76 Conference and Exhibition in
	Washington D.C.

	In 1991, the National Academy of Sciences of Mexico presented him their
	Distinguished Achievement Award in Coastal and Ocean Engineering. In
	1995, he was elected as Fellow in the United Kingdom's Society for
	Underwater Technology.