Use of The New Sanno lodging accommodations is limited to persons in a status under the provisions of the Status of Force Agreement (SOFA), including the following categories of personnel.
  1. Members of the United States (U.S.) Armed Forces on active duty and their family members, excluding family member parents or parents-in-law who are ordinarily residents in Japan.
  2. Members of the civilian component, of U.S. nationality, in the employ of, serving with, or accompanying the U.S. Armed Forces in Japan, or who are traveling to/via Japan on official DOD orders, and their family members, DOD employees stationed outside of Japan and on leave must be in possession of EML (Environmental and Morale Leave) orders authorizing a stay in or travel to/via Japan.
  3. Employees of corporations organized under U.S. laws, who are U.S. citizens and ordinarily reside in the U.S. and whose presence in Japan is solely for the purpose of executing exclusive contracts with the U.S. for the benefit of the U.S. Armed Forces, and who are designated by the U.S. Government in accordance with the provisions of Article XIV of the SOFA.
  4. U.S. Embassy Tokyo personnel and personnel sponsored by the U.S. Embassy Tokyo, and their family members, including persons authorized under USFJ Policy Letter 30-6.
  5. United Nations Command (UNC) personnel under the sponsorship of UNC (REAR), and their family members.
  6. Reservists while on active duty and having orders issued by higher authority assigning them to or transitting through Japan, and their family members.
  7. Retired members of the U.S. Armed Forces or the Fleet Reserve. Family members of retired service members or reserve retirees may patronize The New Sanno and its Exchange, but must be accompanied by their sponsor and the sponsor must make all reservations, and purchases. The banking and postal facilities cannot be used by retired personnel or their family members.
  8. Disabled American Veterans (DAV) in possession of a DD-1173 (Uniformed Services Identification and Privilege Card) indicating "DAV" status.
  9. Bona fide House Guests accompanying the above authorized patrons.
  All New Sanno patrons must present a valid U.S. Government or DOD Identification Card or other appropriate documentation at Check-In to validate eligibility.


FROM NARITA (Tokyo International Airport)

  Airport shuttle buses run directly to and from Narita Airport and New Sanno. The fare, which is subject to change without notice, is 2,900 yen one way, and is payable at the Airport Shuttle Bus counter, The New Sanno Information & Tours Desk, or the Front Desk after the Information & Tours Desk closes. Reservations should be made at least one day in advance. For departure times, please check with the clerks at these locations.
  Another service available to U.S. Forces personnel is the Yokota Tours express shuttle that runs non-stop from Narita to The New Sanno, and then to Yokota Air Base's MAC Terminal and Billeting Office. If you have any questions regarding the service, please contact the Yokota Air Base Morale, Welfare and Recreation office at (DSN) 225-9520 or 225-7720.
CAUTION: Taxis from Narita to The New Sanno can cost the yen equivalent of $250 or more.

FROM HIROO (closest subway station)

  Hiroo subway station, on Tokyo's Hibiya subway line (grey cars), is the stop closest to The New Sanno.   If you arrive at Hiroo subway station from the center of town, the last stop, BEFORE your stop at Hiroo, will be ROPPONGI. PASS Roppongi, get off at the next stop, which will be Hiroo. Once on the platform, turn to your RIGHT, and walk to the end of the platform. You will be walking in the same direction that the train is traveling. At the end of the platform, go through the wicket, giving the machine your ticket. Once through the wicket, go up the stairs. TURN TO YOUR LEFT WHEN YOU REACH STREET LEVEL.
  If you arrive at Hiroo subway station from Yokohama & Nakameguro, the last stop, BEFORE you stop at Hiroo, will be EBISU. Pass Ebisu, get off at the next stop, which will be Hiroo. Once on the platform, turn to your LEFT, and walk to the end of the platform. You will be walking in the opposite direction from that the train is traveling. At the end of the platform, go up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, go through the wicket, giving the machine your ticket. Once through the wicket, you will be on a main throughfare six-lane street. Cross that main thoroughfare at the traffic light. You should find yourself about to cross the smaller, two-lane street where a KOBEYA KITCHEN is on your right and also on your left. Back up a few steps and cross the larger, six-lane street instead. Once across the large, six-lane street, TURN TO YOUR RIGHT.

Walking to New Sanno

  Whether you came from Downtown or Uptown, you should now be standing within a few stops of a street corner, with the main thoroughfare six-lane street on your right, and a smaller, two-lane street directly ahead of you. Cross the small, two-lane street, and continue walking, straight toward the Hiroo Garden Plaza along the big, six-lane thoroughfare for about three to four minutes, until you come to the next intersection. The cross-street will be another large, six-lane street, and there will be a big, four-way overhead walkway above the crossing, having stairways going up to it from each of the four corner of the intersection. The name of this intersection is Tengenji-bashi. Turn to your left at this intersection and walk straight ahead for two to three minutes. You will find The New Sanno, a large, dark-brown brick building, on your left. Come on right in!