Power Characteristics of the Hybrid Anti-rolling System on Board the

R/V Mirai

A0182 Satoshi Tsukioka JAMSTEC

A0188 Tomoyoshi Takeuchi University of Electro-Communications

A hybrid anti-rolling system was equipped on board of the

oceanographic research vessel "MIRAI ". The greatest advantage of the

system has capability of reducing rolling motion by fifty percent at

low speed. The system produces both active and passive moments by

pendulum mechanism driven by an electric machine. The electric

machine acts as an electric brake or a generator to control mass

movement rapidly against rolling motion of periods between 5 and 13

seconds. The analysis of the system operations shows that the

generated power is greater than consumed power, and it was confirmed

with operations at sea. The result shows a possibility of operating

the system with less power consumption by using an electrical

regeneration control system in the future.