Evaluation of the first year of scientific use of the French ROV


A0161 Jean-Louis Michel IFREMER, La Seyne-sur-Mer

A0162 Bruno Savoye IFREMER - French Research Institute for the Exploitation of the Sea, Brest

A0163 Helene Ondreas IFREMER, Brest

A0164 YvesFouquet IFREMER, Brest

A0165 Pierre-Marie Sarradin IFREMER, Brest

A0166 Karine Olu IFREMER, Brest

A0167 Michael Klages Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Bremerhaven

A0168 Myriam Sibuet IFREMER, Brest

A0169 Jean-Francois Drogou IFREMER, La Seyne-sur-Mer

The evaluation of the first year of intensive scientific use of the

French deep sea Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) "VICTOR 6000 "is


VICTOR was used in 2001 during five cruises on continental margins.

ZAIROV 1 & 2, BIOZAIRE 1 & 2 cruises were conducted offshore Western

Africa and CARACOLE cruise along the North East Atlantic margins

(Porcupine and Rockall bank). Cold seep settings (up to 3000 m depth),

coral mounds (400-1000m), oil exploration rigs (1300 m) and Zaire

channel (about 4000m)were explored.

VICTOR was also used during two cruises (IRIS & ATOS) on the

hydrothermal vent areas in the Mid Atlantic Ridge (Menez Gwen 850m,

Lucky Strike 1650 m and Rainbow 2350m).

Finally, VICTOR was used by Alfred Wegener Institute, through a

French-German cooperation in arctic deep sea research, to study high

diversity of species in the deep sea , in high latitude.

Different strategies were tested during those cruises like survey and

exploration or experimental work on small areas. The dives duration

ranged between 8 to 28 hours on the bottom. The high potential of

Victor was confirmed in both strategies with a high ability for

manipulation and the trials of varied instrumentation.

The status and recent evolutions of the VICTOR 6000 are presented

showing the essential role of a dynamic technical support oriented

toward the satisfaction of the scientific objectives and operability.






Nom :ZAIROV 1 Date :Decembre 2000 Chef de mission :Bruno Savoye Lieu :

Atlantique au large du fleuve Zaire - CHANTIER Objectifs : Etude du

systeme turbidique du Zaire ( survey, coupes geologiques, et



Nom :ZAIROV 2 Date :Decembre 2000 Chef de mission :Helene Ondreas Lieu :

Atlantique au large du fleuve Zaire - CHANTIER Objectifs : Etude des

circulations de fluides et de l'instabilite sedimentaire (explorations

ponctuelles, cartographie des sites, prelevements, aide a la

recuperation d'engins sur le fond)


Nom : IRIS Date : Mai-juin 2001 Chef de mission : Yves Fouquet Lieu :

Dorsale Atlantique a proximite des Acores - CHANTIER Objectifs : Etude

des processus hydrothermaux en domaine mantellique, des interactions

ocean / manteau et des interactions mineraux / fluides / bacteries par

une approche pluridisciplinaire ( exploration, observations,

prelevements, deploiements de capteurs sur le fond)


ATOS Juin-juillet 2001 Chef de mission : Pierre-Marie Sarradin (DRO/EP)

Lieu : Dorsale Atlantique a proximite des Acores - CHANTIER, approche

pluridisciplinaire Objectifs :Etude des adaptations et processus

specialises developpes par les organismes hydrothermaux et leurs

communautes microbiennes associees en reponse a un environnement

potentiellement "toxique ".