The Problems of ROV Navigation Near Seafloor

A0142 Rosenbaum Pyotr Naumovich Far-Eastern State Technical University

A0143 Kislitsin Dmitry Vyacheslavovich Far-Eastern State Technical University

A0144 E.M. Titov Far-Eastern State Technical University

The known modes of navigation on a contour of bottom do not give a

necessary exactitude of positioning ROV. In the report represented on

the internationalconference UT2000 the probable directions of a

research of this problem as navigation ROV on a stratified structure

of a ground were shown. In the present report the theoreticaland

experimental calculations on navigation ROV on an equal ground are

offered, basing on it an interior stratified structure.

For navigation in work [1] it is offered to build a map of values of

factors of a reflection of an acoustic energy of a ground surface in

an assotiation from geographical coordinates - digital map of bottom,

in view of a spherical divergence of a wave, for this purpose it is

required to know a complex value of pressure in an incident and

reflected wave. For a construction of such map

гидролокатор should radiate to bottom acoustic premises,

and then to accept them to measure amplitude radiated and accepted

(reflected from bottom) premise, and also the shift of phases between

them, because of of measured values pays off a value of factor of a

reflection in the given point.The obtained map of bottom will contain

a complex value of factor of a reflection for each point of bottom of

a reservoir, where the shooting of a map is produced.

For the definition of the location on such map the underwater means

shouldhave the same complex of an equipment, as at removal of a map to

measure factor of a reflection of a ground surface in a point, where

it is, and on the measured value, according to a map to determine what

geographical coordinates correspond to given factor of a reflection,

and has not a value, on what depth the given means is.

The offered system of navigation will be useful to underwater meanses

conducting work and underwater researches.


1. V.I.Korochentsev, A.N.Rosenbaum, B.V.Okhota Navigation of

underwater autonomous vehicles in Proceedings of the 2000

International symposium of underwater technology , 23-26 May,

2000, Tokyo, Japan.