Leans System Sonar

A0132 Anatol V. Kuznetsov Far-Eastern State Technical University

This report deals with the synthesis problem of leans antenna sonar

taking into account definite directivity pattern.

The synthesis of homogeneous leans profile performing given

directivity pattern with required accuracy. As you know from the

theory of antenna synthesis, the definite phase amplitude excitation

distribution is necessary for forming a given aperture directivity

pattern. The excitation phase and required directivity patterns is

given for ear zone. The radio and zone number is defined by

permissible fault in directivity pattern forming.

Phase amplitude distribution of antenna aperture includes two point:At

first the required depth of phase distribution in calculated. Then

calculation of a number of depth layers according to a multiplied

wavelength necessary for given amplitude attenuation is calculated.

Every depth zone increase being equal to multiplied wavelength, the

aperture has the required phase distribution.

Wane phases radiated by two adjacent zone are to differ in an odd

integral number for producing opposite aperture phase sections.

The results of leans antenna sonar calculations and their experimental

investigations are represented in this report.