Analogues of Gravitational and Rigid Waves

A0123 Vladimir Ivanovich Korochentcev Far-Eastern State Technical Unversity

A0125 Elena Gorodezkaya Far-Eastern State Technology Unversity

A0126 Vladimir Vladimirivich Korochentcev Far-Eastern State Technology Unversity

A0127 Peter P. Unru Far-Eastern State Technology Unversity

Traditional theory of gravitational waves shows that any

acceleratively moving mass radiates gravitational waves? Which

propagate in physical vacuum with a velocity which is equal to that of

light in the vacuum/

It is stated in the paper gravitational masses moving with some

acceleration in the earth field may radiate gravitational field/

It is shown theoretically and experimentally that a velocity of a

gravitational wave may differ from a velocity of light in the vacuum.

This physical phenomenon is offered to be used for designing new

devices such as acoustic ones.