Application of Pneumatic Flow Mixing Method to the Reclamation Works

in Central Japan International Airport

A0112 Tsuneo Sato Central Japan International Airport Co.,Ltd. Construction Office

A0113 Hideo Kato Central Japan International Airport Co.,Ltd. Construction Office

Construction work of Central Japan International Airport was initiated

in August 2000. It will open in March 2005. The shallow water site

offshore Tokoame City in Ise Bay was selected for the airport

construction site.

Dredged soil from Port of Nagoya is used for reclamation as well as

mountain soil. The reason to use dredged soil is that on one hand it

becomes difficult to obtain mountain soil of good quality but on the

other hand, it becomes difficult to secure disposal site for dredged

soil recently. So if we use dredged soil for reclamation, these two

problems will be solved and at the same time economical reclamation

can be realized.

The dredged soil is delivered by compressed air using "Pneumatic Flow

Mixing Method " which enables preparation of strong ground in a short

period in large scale,through the mixing of the soil and cement slurry

in a pipeline. Here the authors report application of this method to

the reclamation work that was initiated in June 2001.

Through this method, the dredged soil is mixed with the cement slurry

in the pipeline by the turbulent mixing effect of the compressed air.

Therefore the mix-ing device can be minimized and as a result,

economical improvement of dredged soil can be achieved.

The reclamation work of Central Japan International Airport is the

first case of application of this mixing method in large scale. The

result of this mixing method is favorable so far. This mixing method

is expected to be applied to many future land development projects in

coastal areas.