UWIT : Underwater Image Toolbox for Optical Image Processing and

Mosaicking in Matlab

A0085 Ryan Eustice Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

A0086 Hanumant Singh Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

A0087 Oscar Pizarro Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

This paper shows results from our development of an extended MATLAB

image processing toolbox, which implements some useful optical image

processing and mosaicking algorithms found in the literature. We

surveyed and selected algorithms from the field which showed promise

in application to the underwater environment. We then extended these

algorithms to explicitly deal with the unique constraints of

underwater imagery in the building of our toolbox. As such, the

algorithms implemented include:

(1) constrast limited adaptive histogram specification (CLAHS)to deal

with the inherent nonuniform lighting in underwater imagery

(2) fourier based methods for scale, rotation, and translation

recovery which provide robustness against dissimilar image


(3) local normalized correlation for image registration to handle the

unstructured environment of the seafloor

(4) multiresolution pyramidal blending of images to form a composite

seamless mosaic without blurring or loss of detail near image


In this paper we highlight the mathematical formulation behind each of

these algorithms using consistent notation and a unified framework.

We depict some of our MATLAB toolbox results with an assortment of

underwater imagery.