Reconstruction of Layered Elastic Bottom Parameters by Measurements of Sound Reflection Coefficient

A0016 Vladimir N. Fokin Institute of Applied Physics, Russian Academy of Science

In this paper the method of reconstruction of layered bottom

characteristics is developed. The method is based on peculiarities of

reflection coefficient behaviour on bottom parameters plane. The

relations between the sound reflection losses measured at fixed

grazing angles or frequencies and the parameters of the two-layer

elastic bottom model are analysed. Experimental data and simulated

data with induced synthetic error are used for method validation. The

method efficiency demonstrated for both frequency and angular

dependencies of reflection losses. Two-layer elastic bottom model was

used for bottom parameters reconstruction. Results of reconstruction

are compared with published experimental and exact data. Influence of

measurement errors in the data set on reconstruction accuracy and

stability is analysed. Possible spread of seabed models and

parameters in these models, which may be estimated on the basis of the

same input data, are investigated. This study was

performed in the framework of the RFBR project (No 00-05-64956).