Cavitation Advanced Technology of Underwater Cleaning

A0009 Anatoly Kharlamov RUSSAQUA

A0010 Alexander Issaiko RUSSAQUA

A0011 Vladimir Kuzin RUSSAQUA

New technology for vessel cleaning gives a unique opportunity to clean

progressively underwater parts of vessels from biological growth. It

can be used for preventive purposes during the exploitation of a

vessel as well as directly before docking a ship.

The advantage of our technology is that it allows cleaning underwater

parts of the vessels from shellfishes as well as from large

accumulation of seaweed, which is difficult to remove using other

cleaning methods. Special equipment for this technology can be

assembled both in a light diving version and also in the version of an

automated complex with the use of underwater remotely operated vehicle,

which is capable to work on the underwater parts of the vessels (it

can be programmed). The use of diving equipment makes it possible to

carry out the job even in the narrow places such as screw-rudder group,

Kingston valves, grating, protectors, etc. Application of the new

progressive and highly effective cavitation technology allows ship

owners and captains to reduce considerably the time of demurrage while

the cleaning of vessels from the biological growth is being conducted.

The proposed method is characterized by a high technological capacity.

The cleaning process makes it possible to preserve the paint integrity

and to keep toxic substances from getting into the water. Recommend

constant use of the proposed technology for the vessels with ordinary

cheap paints without toxic additions.

All the above mentioned advantages plus the use of normal seawater of

low pressure in the cleaning process make the proposed technology

secure and ecologically clean.


- to carry out cleaning works, including inspection of the underwater

parts of ship hulls, screw-rudder group and bottom equipment;

- to carry out the examination and cleaning of underwater steel

constructions with removal of paint and corrosion hi the ports and

underwater pipelines;

- to conduct the cutting of underwater concrete constructions.

High productivity, economic efficiency, ecological compatibility,

ability to clean even in narrow places and corrugated surfaces makes

this method attractive advanced alternative to widespread brushing.