-Underwater Vehicles & Robotics-

Session Title First Author Affiliation
ROVs Control of Underwater Crawler for Mining in Shallow Water M. A. Atmanand National Institute of Ocean Technology
ROVs Development of a Motion Control Method for a Towed Vehicle with a Long Cable Satoru Yamaguchi Research Institute for Applied Mechanics, Kyushu-University
ROVs Modernized TSL - Underwater Robot for Tunnel and Shallow-Water Inspection A. Ph. Scherbatyuk Institute for Marine Technology Problems, RAS
ROVs SMALL SIZED UNDERWATER ROV Lev L.UTYAKOV P.P.Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, Russian Academy of Sciences
ROVs A Method for Assessing the Operability of Underwater Intervention Systems Kevin A'Hearn Measurement Analysis Corporation
AUVs Wayamba: An Experimental Uninhabited Underwater Vehicle Brendon Anderson Defence Science and Technology Organisation
AUVs A New Tool for the Deep Water Survey Industry Allan Pope International Submarine Engineering Ltd.
AUVs Explorer - A Modular AUV for Commercial Site Survey James Ferguson International Submarine Engineering Ltd.
AUVs C-SCOUT: A General-Purpose AUV for Systems Research Timothy Curtis Memorial University of Newfoundland
AUVs Analytical Research on AUV Unpowered Diving Steady Motion Liu Zhengyuan China Ship Scientific Research Center
AUVs Development of a Long Range Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Satoshi TSUKIOKA JAMSTEC
AUVs Autonomous Underwater Vehicle AQUA EXPLORER 2 for inspection of underwater cables Kenichi Asakawa KDD R&D Laboratories
AUVs Inspection of Submarine Cable of over 400km by AUV"AQUA EXPLORER 2" Teruyuki Asai Kokusai Marine Engineering Corp.
AUVs New AUV designed for Lake Environment Monitoring Michio Kumagai Lake Biwa Research Institute
AUVs Compact Underwater Vehicle With Acoustic Link for Communication And Positioning Jamal Tariq Mian Nagasaki University
AUVs Development of Biologically-Inspired Autonomous Underwater Vehicle "BASS III" with High Maneuverability Naomi Kato Tokai University
AUVs Underwater Technology Research Center at Institute of Industrial Science of the University of Tokyo Tamaki Ura University of Tokyo
AUVs H infinity based PID control of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Jonghoon Park Pohang University of Science and Technology
AUVs Solar and Wave Powered AUV Mikhail D. Ageev Institute of Marine Technology Problems
AUVs Autonomous Target Tracking by AUV using Dynamic Vision Yang Fan Nanyang Technological University
AUVs Application of the sliding mode fuzzy controller to the guidance and control of an autonomous underwater vehicle F.C. Chiu National Taiwan University
AUVs SEA-VESPA: Systems Engineering Autonomous Vehicle as an Experimental Sub-=sea Platform for Acoustics Bryan Woodward Loughborough University
AUVs Multisensor Mapping of the Deep Seafloor with the Autonomous Benthic Explorer Dana R. Yoerger Woods Hole Oceanographic Insitution
Manned Submersibles NR-1 Manned Submarine Explores Margin and Headwall of Giant Storegga Slide, Norway Basin Peter R. Vogt Naval Research Laboratory
Underwater Robotics Hydrodynamic Testing of Underwater Vehicles at the Australian Maritime Engineering Co-operative Research Centre Andrew Heron Australian Maritime Engineering CRC
Underwater Robotics System Identification of Underwater Vehicles C. J. Pereira Curtin University of Technology
Underwater Robotics Physical and Numerical Simulations of Fluid Flow Around Underwater Vehicles Timothy Curtis Memorial University of Newfoundland
Underwater Robotics Nonlinear Variable Structure Double Mode Control of AUV Xu Demin Northwestern Polytechnical University
Underwater Robotics On a closed loop time invariant position control solution for an underactuated 3D underwater vehicle: implementation, stability and robustness considerations Michele Aicardi Universita' di Genova
Underwater Robotics Adaptive Control of an Underwater Vehicle-mounted Manipulator System Pan-Mook Lee Korea Research Institute of Ships and Ocean Engineering
Underwater Robotics SLIDING MODE ADAPTIVE CONTROL OF UNDERWATER MANIPULATORS Vasily Markin Far Eastern State Technical University