-Underwater Positioning-

Session Title First Author Affiliation
Navigation & Tracking Systems A Streoscopic Ranging System using standard PC technology Nick Nelissen Murdoch University
Navigation & Tracking Systems Sensor systems for industrial applications under water H. K. Toenshoff Institute for production engineering and machine tools
Navigation & Tracking Systems Advanced full-coupled multi-mode GPS/MEMS-IMU integrated navigation algorithm Genshe Chen Flight Division, National Aerospace Laboratory
Navigation & Tracking Systems Global spatial modelling based on dynamics identification according to discriminated static sensations Emilia Barakova GMD Japan Research Laboratory
Navigation & Tracking Systems The study of the float buoy ranging system for the underwater vehicle Shigemitu Kurano Japan Defense Agency
Navigation & Tracking Systems A Multi Sensors Fusion Algorithm for Underwater Vehicle Navigation Joono Sur Naval Academy of Korea
Navigation & Tracking Systems Navigation of Underwater Autonomous Vehicles V. I. Korotchentsev Institute for Automation and COntrol Processes
Navigation & Tracking Systems Gravitational Field Maps and Navigation Errors Carner C. Bishop Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division Newport
Geodetic Measurement Systems Embedding local metrical map patches in a globally consistent topological map Uwe R. Zimmer GMD Japan Research Laboratory
Geodetic Measurement Systems Underwater gravimetry on board the R-One Robot Hiromi Fujimoto University of Tokyo
Geodetic Measurement Systems Precise acoustic ranging and positioning: A progress report Yukihito Osada University of Tokyo
Underwater Telemetry Satellite transmission and acoustic underwater communication - a bidirectional data link to instruments moored in the Ocean Gerrit Meinecke University of Bremen