Tri-Dog 1

Here is Japanese version.                                         Tri-Dog1 2005 edition is here
Length over all 1.85m
Breadth over all 0.58m
Depth 0.53m (0.90m include antennas)
Dry weight 170kg
Operating depth 100m max
Maximum speed 2knots
Duration 2hours
Structures Aluminum Pressure Hulls
(Main Cylinder x1, Battery Cylinder x2)
Actuators 100W Thrusters x6 (Rotation, Amp. feed back)
Processors Intel Pentium MMX 233MHz x3 (High Level, Low Level, Vision)
Sensors Attitude and Heading Reference System
Doppler Velocity Log
Electromagnetic Flow Meter
Pressure Sensor (Depth Sensor)
Real Time Kinematics GPS
Acoustic Ranging Sensor x8
CCD Camera with Pan & Tilt Mechanism
Communications Transponder Wireless LAN 430MHz Wireless Modem for RTK-GPS
Lights 24W Arc Lamp x2
Batteries 25.2V Ni-Cd Battery 20Ah x4

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