Development of a Versatile Test-Bed "Twin-Burger" toward Realization of Intelligent Behaviors of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles


A versatile test bed named "The Twin-Burger" was developed for software verification and improvement in realistic environments. The Twin-Burger is a fully autonomous underwater vehicle which carries multiple sensors and a powerful multi-processor system to deal with complex tasks including cooperative works with other vehicles or divers. As a basic function of the Twin-Burger, the sliding control method is applied considering simplified equations of motion and the controllers are designed on the basis of the estimated dynamics derived from limit cycle motion tests.

The implemented controllers show good performances in path following experiments carried out in a testing pool at IIS. It can be concluded that the Twin-Burger acquires the basic swimming ability to cruise along the paths specified by the commanded tasks.


The authors would like to thank Central Workshop of the Institute of Industrial Science for their kind cooperation during the construction of the Twin-Burger vehicle.


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