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This paper presents the current state of a project, which started in 1990 to develop an autonomous underwater free swimming robot equipped with a Closed Cycle Diesel Engine (CCDE) for long term servey of mid-ocean ridges. The distinctive feature of CCDE is robustness and low cost for construction and operation.

The robot structure and configuration of a torpedo-shaped hull are described in detail including newly developed thrusters using compact DC brushless motors. As the robot aims to swim in the vicinity of the seabed, an Intertial Navigation system (INS) co-operates with a doppler sonar system to make accurate navigation for detailed research. The CCDE system for the robot has been completed and its submerged tests are underway in a fresh water pool.

Key words

Autonomous underwater vehicle, Air independent power, Closed cycle diesel engine, Inertial navigation system, Doppler sonar

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