Design of Prototype PTEROA250 [5]

There are three important specifications for the pilot model PTEROA150 .
  1. The maximum diving depth is 2000 m .
  2. When it cruises in 3 knots using thrust power, it endures for 40 minutes.
  3. Payload is limited to a 35mm camera and a strobe.
These limitations are a little sever for practical use.
On the basis of the experience through the development of PTEROA150, a prototype vehicle PTEROA250 was designed, of which specification is as follows:
  1. Diving depth: 6,000 m .
  2. Cruising speed: 4 knots for 100 minutes .,
  3. Payload: 16 kg or 80,000 cm3 .
  4. Configuration: Similar figure to PTEROA150 .
To meet the above items, the following is the major modifications:
  1. Body length: 2.5 m .
  2. Dry weight: 1.0 ton .
  3. Pressure cylinder: CPU, interface boards, data processors, and navigation system are installed in one cylinder.
  4. Battery: Oil immersed NiCd .

Fig. 6 shows the general arrangement of PTEROA250 and Table 2 shows its principal particulars. The most important factor to determine dimensions of the vehicle is the amount of battery. When the capacity of battery is improved, this vehicle can cruise for a longer time or can be designed more compactly.

********Fig.6 General arrangement of PTEROA250*******

********Table 2. Principal particulars of PTEROA250********


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