Development and Sea Trials of a Shuttle Type AUV "ALBAC"

Estimation of Gliding Performance

*****FIG. 3 AUV in Gliding ******

The gliding performance of the ALBAC was estimated and evaluated in the first design stage, because it completely depends on the shape of hull. Suppose that the center of gravity of the vehicle O is gliding at speed V. Configuration of the vehicle is illustrated in Fig. 3 where the gliding angle and the angle of attack are denoted by ge and a, respectively. The proportional gliding angle ge and static stability of the system are given by



Equilibrium equations of forces and moment which determine a, ge and V are given by


At the first stage of development, a 30 cm length model was made and tested to evaluate gliding performance. Results of the test show good agreement with the estimated values as in Fig. 4.

****FIG. 4 Results of Gliding Experiment with a Small Model***

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