MVS: Multi-Vehicle Simulator

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We need underwater worlds available in the labs!


*** Concepts of MVS ***

海や水槽で実験すると、お金はかかるし、器材を壊しそうだし… MVSは、実際の水中環境の代わりに、計算機が作り出す仮想的な海で、ロボットの様々な実験をするための汎用的な研究ツールです。
運動制御はあたりまえだけど、行動制御の検証もしたいなぁ… ロボットのダイナミクスのみならず、搭載されるセンサや、環境そのものもモデル化されており、行動制御の強力な検証ツールです。
実験用の他にシミュレーション用のソフトも書くのは面倒だし… 実際のロボットをMVSの一部分として用いれば、制御プログラムを実機上で検証・改良できるので、プログラムの移植の手間が殆ど不要です。
いいCPUや増設メモリを買うお金ないし、泊り込みもいやだし… 仮想環境はインターネット上にサーバ群として恒常的に展開されていて、分散配置できる各モデルのプログラムや利用者の場所、利用時刻に制約がありません。

*** What can we do with MVS? ***

MVS is a simulation system for various kinds of purposes.
Beginner Observe the simulations by internet terminals. Needless to make programs. MVS's user Interface programs and WWW browserws are avialable.
General Implement your control algorithms into ready-made models of robots. Powerful MVS software libraries are helpful for programming.
High Rank Define your new types of robots. Simulations by nonexistent robots are also availabel.
Expert Define your new models of phenomena. Each phenomenon is managed by a server. You can make additional servers.

*** Research projects using MVS ***

mvs-multi Cooperative Mission by Multi-Robot System

Red cones denote the target objects. Construction of five actual robots is too expensive, while MVS can offer more.

mvs-mapping Mapping by Ultrasonic Range Sensors

The right figure shows the target (a sunken tanker), and the left figure is the result of recognition. The robot decides action plans by herself to get information from many positions. By MVS, it is easy to change the arrangement of range sensors.

mvs-synth Experiment of Navigation by Virtual/Actual Synthetic World

The actual Twin-Burger swims in the real pool avoiding the virtual obstacles created by MVS. You can save the cost and time of handling the facilities.

mvs-avoid Test of Collision Avoiding Algorithm
(Twin-Burger, R-one)

Self-protection is one of the most primitive and important functions. The robot swims right and left to avoid the obstacles utilizing the range data by the sensor models in MVS.

mvs-follow Constant Height Following by Cruising Type Robot


mvs-newdyn Evaluation of Motion Dynamics of Planned Robot


mvs-delay Remote Operation System with Delay Compensation


mvs-review Reviewing the Past Experiments/Simulations
(Twin-Burger, ALBAC, PTEROA150, manta-ceresia)

Once you get valuable data by experiments in the actual ocean/pool, you can review them in the virtual worlds by MVS. Red lines denote the trajectory of the robot, and green arrows show the readings of ultrasonic range sensors.

mvs-future More ...

Other new research projects using MVS are going ahead.

*** Operation Systems for MVS ***

 MVS is a multi-platform system based on source code compatibility.
UNIX SunOS Release 4.1.3Servers, Obstacles, Character type UI, etc.
IRIX Release 4.0.5H, 5.2, 5.3, 6.2Servers, Robots, Obstacles, GUI, Character type UI, etc.
UNIX on PC Linux 1.2.13Servers, Obstacles, Character type UI, etc.
PANIX 3.0Servers, Obstacles, Character type UI, etc.
PC Windows95 ver. 4Servers, Robots, Obstacles, Character type UI, etc.

*** More about MVS ***

You can get more and more information of MVS by Internet.
Outline of MVS Let's see more detailed and technical information.
History of MVS The MVS project experienced these events.
Publications of MVS You can refer to these papers and bulletins.
One of the Papers MVS自体を題材にした審査あり論文の全文です。論文集では白黒の図もここならカラー。
Technical Manual あなたのマシンに海を創ろう。MVSを使いこなすための手引き書の入り口です。

また、『ダイキンCOMTECの情報誌* GUiA』vol.5にも、MVSの記事が掲載されました。
* 正式には「ダイキン工業株式会社 電子システム事業部が発行するワークステーション活用情報誌」というそうです。引用協力:ダイキン工業(株)
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