Research Topics

    1. Development of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs)


    By developing and deploying suitable AUVs for needs from each Asian Countries, diversity of the AUV expands so as to cover various underwater missions. Based on experience while carrying out observations realized by AUV system, the AUV can be improved toward high performance. For example, AUVs for environmental observation of harbor facilities damaged by disasters like tsunami or earthquake should be compact to be transported and operated by small ship. We are able to design and develop such kind of compact observation systems based on fruits of experiments by existing AUVs "r2D4" or "Tri-Dog 1" . We will propose them at International Conferences and Workshops in Asian countries.

    2. Development of Underwater Cable Observation Systems


    Even though Ocean Floor Observation Systems using optical fiber cable technology have been purposed since 1960s in the world, they have still not been well realized. For future earth observation, it is necessary to construct Global Underwater Cable Observation Network Systems which consist of underwater cables, seismometers and AUVs. For this purpose, we promote International Conferences together with Asian countries concerned, exchange information and draw up standardization of the International Underwater Cable Network Systems.

    3. Development of Innovative Lake Observation Systems


    Water Pollution due to eutrophication in lakes caused by human activities becomes one of serious problems for neighboring residents who drive waters from that lake. To develop sustainable Lake Observation Systems for each lake that can regularly monitor water quality as an index of lake environment are therefore necessary for future Limnology. AUV "Tantan" constructed for environmental observations of Lake Biwa in 2000 has been regularly operated and monitored not only water quality of Lake Biwa such as dissolved Oxygen in the benthic boundary layer and also the three dimensional structure of plankton distribution along thermocline. Based on the results of "Tantan", only one AUV for Lake survey in the world, we will propose innovative Lake Observation Systems such as robot systems in each Asian countries especially in Mongol and China for protection of the environment and organize the international workshop for Advanced Lake Survey Systems.

    4. Observation of Marine Mammals and River Dolphins using AUVs and Acoustic Systems (Bio Sonar)


    Using AUVs and acoustic systems such as hydrophone array and data logger, we observe underwater behavior of marine mammals and river dolphins whose ecology are not well known so far. Based on these results, we develop a new observation system for marine mammals and river dolphins, and deploy the system in Asian countries, especially in India to conserve Ganga river dolphin collaborating with IIT in Delhi. We also organize International Workshop on Bio-Sonar to propose the system and exchange information about marine mammals and river dolphins. We promote research to make archives of recorded data of marine mammals and river dolphins