About the Program

This Program aims to promote development of underwater platform systems such as AUVs (AUV: Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) for observing oceans, lakes, and rivers in Asian Countries. The systems deal with both scientific observations to understand phenomena of the waters to conserve the environment and observations of marine mammals and river dolphins which can be used as an indicator of the environment.

To realize the systems, we organize international network of researchers and exchange information and technologies as mentioned below,
  1. Development of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs)
  2. Development of Underwater Cable Observation Systems
  3. Development of innovative Lake Observation Systems
  4. Observation of marine mammals and river dolphins using AUVs and acoustic systems (Bio Sonar)

To enhance this program, we organize international conferences and workshops as mentioned below,

  1. International Workshop for AUVs
  2. International Workshop for Underwater Cable System
  3. International Workshop for Bio-Sonar System
  4. International Workshop for Lake Observation System
  5. International Symposium for Underwater Technology